1. CLOTHING: Men are expected to wear long sleeve shirts, comfortable trousers, tie boots or street shoes, and no hats. Ladies should wear dresses that are made to fit around full slips, petty pants, and flat heel shoes. They should avoid wearing excessive jewelry. All are expected to wear name badges.

2. NEATNESS AND CLEANLINESS: The use of deodorants will assure you of being invited back. Avoid eating garlic or other offenders before attending a dance.

3.MIX WITH ALL LEVEL OF DANCERS: Remember that square dancing enjoyment is being with others and moving to the flow of the music and calls, not how much more you know than the other dancers. You can have as good of a time dancing Mainstream as you can Advance level, sometimes better.

4. ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Any type of alcoholic drink is neither necessary to your mastery of square dancing nor conducive to your grace or agility. Square dancing itself will soon relax you. Therefore, do not drink any type of alcoholic beverages before or during a dance.

5. ANNOUNCEMENTS: When announcements are being made, extend the courtesy of your attention to the person that is speaking. After all, you may want others to pay attention to you sometime when you speak.

6.LEAVE ALL INSTRUCTING TO THE CALLER: As a dancer, you can best help the new learner by being in the position where you are suppose to be and let them learn to move as they should. Pointing or gently guiding the new dancer can help, but talking, shoving, or pulling will do more harm than good. Remember keep a happy, friendly face at all times.

7.DON'T LEAVE THE SQUARE: Never leave your partner, your square, or the floor until the tip is complete. If illness or other circumstances make it necessary for you to leave, take the time to explain to the other dancers the reason, and try to find a replacement.

8.SQUARING UP: When the music starts, get on the floor. Don't make other dancers wait or the caller "beg" you to fill the square. If for some reason you want to skip a tip, leave the hall.

9. BICKERING AND FAULT FINDING: Bickering and fault finding are not part of square dancing. This type of activity results in friction within a club as well as in neighboring clubs. If you have a legitimate complaint or constructive suggestion, go to the person that can do something about it. Don't expect the president to talk for you to the caller, and at the same time, don't expect the caller to speak for you about club business.

10. LOYALTY: Be loyal to your club and caller. Square dance clubs cannot exist unless there are those that will work at the various jobs. They cannot exist unless there are those that can be counted on. If you belong to more than one club, be ready and willing to devote time to each club for these jobs. And never, never solicit dancers from one club to join another. The fee or monthly dues are only a part of the cost to keep square dances inexpensive. Your caller and cuer deserve loyalty. If you enjoy dancing to him or her, encourage others to visit. Encourage other clubs to hire him or her to call their party dances. If you don't enjoy his or her type of calling, then find a club that is better suited to your taste. Support your club when they give a party dance or visit another club's activity and your caller or cuer when they are guest calling at another club.

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